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The DOVO 43 Beard & Moustache Scissors in matt-finished stainless steel are the perfect tool for getting your beard back in shape!

  • Featuring a short blade to make the scissors easy to grip and allow precision trimming.

The micro-serration of the blades means you can rely on them to grasp every hair and ensure a sharp, clean cut.

  • These scissors are manufactured from 1.4034 grade stainless steel. The metal alloy provides good corrosion resistance against soap or moisture and is therefore ideal for the production of high-quality scissors. In addition, stainless steel is a good choice for cutting blades and can be precision sharpened.
  • The matt finish gives the scissors a premium feel and means you can use them safely, even with wet hands.
  • These DOVO scissors have been micro-serrated on one side by hand. Fine serrations are created by grinding the scissor blade against a plate. This design prevents your hair, moustache, fingernails or cuticles from slipping under the cutting edge. The result? Incredibly precise, safe trimming.
  • For hair and beard scissors, the flush-ground scissor tips design has proved to be especially advantageous. In specific terms, this means the scissor points are rounded rather than pointed at the tip. This minimises the risk of injury and is recommended when using scissors near your face.
  • To make sure your DOVO scissors serve you well for years to come, it’s important to check now and again that the screw is tight enough. To prevent the carbon steel from corroding, thoroughly dry the scissors after use. Oil them as required. Please always have scissors resharpened by DOVO or a specialist!